Aden Olibanum 30g


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Aden Incense (Boswellia carter)

The shrubby Boswellia carter grows in large forests on the Red Sea, especially in Arabia and Somalia. Already in ancient times, the coveted smoking resin was transported via the famous incense road, the most important trade route of antiquity.

Aden incense creates an atmosphere of clarity, purity and balance. Even the pharaohs used it for cult purposes. The ancient Egyptians called the resin beads of incense the "sweat of the gods".

Olibanum, the real incense, is the golden yellow, fragrant resin of the incense trees, which has been obtained for 4000 years by cutting the bark.

Incense resin is coarse-grained to lumpy and has a translucent brown-yellow to reddish-brown colour.
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