Smono Organic Cleaner


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Smono Bio Cleaner

Every journey has an end, because every adventure has to make way for the next at some point. The vaporizer also has to be brought back into shape. This is no problem, because with the Smono Cleaner in BIO quality, the steamer and its accessories can quickly be prepared for the next adventure. The concentrate is very efficient and cleans without much effort. On 100 ml hot water only approx. 5-10 ml cleaner are needed. The best result is achieved if you wait after adding the cleaner until it has visibly dissolved in the water. After 10 minutes the accessories are ready for thorough rinsing. Rubbing or brushing is not necessary because of the independent cleaning formula. Suitable for all materials. Always leave out electronic components in order not to damage the device. Composition: Combination of surfactants, salts of organic acids and solubilizers. Free of phosphates, solvents, caustic alkalis and acids.
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